Sometimes it can feel difficult to have braces, like when you have to turn down a special treat because it could damage your brackets and wires. It’s hard to say no to candy on Valentine’s Day! The good news is, not all candy is off-limits! Here’s a list of the best and worst candy for braces.

The Worst Candy for Braces

Let’s start by talking about the candy that is unsafe to eat when you have braces so you’ll know what to avoid. Among the best and worst candy for braces, chewy candy rates among the worst.

Chewy candy is especially dangerous because not only can it leave behind a sticky residue on your teeth that makes them harder to clean and more at risk of cavities, but when you have braces it can also stick to your braces and pull the brackets and bands loose and bend the wires out of shape. If visiting the orthodontist for a repair isn’t your ideal Valentine’s Day date, it’s best to avoid chewy candy entirely.

Better Candy for Braces

If you’re beginning to worry that you’ll have to miss out on enjoying the sweet fun of Valentine’s Day because you have braces, be encouraged: many types of delicious candy are still ok!

Chocolate, well-known as the most popular Valentine’s Day candy, is also one of the safest candies to eat when you have braces; with some caveats. Make sure that it’s just chocolate and doesn’t have a filling that is chewy or nutty, which could harm your braces. Also, if it’s a thick piece of chocolate, break it into smaller pieces with your hands before chewing it so that you won’t be biting into anything that’s hard with your braces.

Hard candies can also be a safe candy option if you avoid chewing them and make sure to suck on them all the way to the end. If you can find sugar-free hard candies, that’s even better!

Talk with Your Orthodontist Before Holidays

It can be helpful to talk with your orthodontist before holidays and special occasions so that you can plan in advance to have plenty of food and candy options available that are safe to eat with braces. Having braces can feel complicated sometimes, like when you’re trying to navigate the best and worst candy for braces. Remember, it will all be worth it in the end when you get your braces off and get to enjoy your beautiful new smile!

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